The situation of the Camping site....

Since 1971, Vemmetofte Kloster has run a modern 3 star camping site. Vemmetofte Strand Camping is situated in 'Strandskoven' with 100 metres of forest, which is a windbreak for Faxe Bay. It is only one hour’s drive from Copenhagen.

The beech trees are mirrored in the blue waves. The beach is very romantic, with trees growing almost down to the water.

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The waterline is cleared of seaweed during the whole bathing season. You can lie here and sunbathe while the children play in the water.

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The water is very shallow, so it is a perfect beach for children where you can confidently let them loose.

For the older bathing guests we have a bathing jetty that goes all the way out to the sandbar.



f you are not a bather, there are great possibilities for finding amber. If you keep your eyes open, you can find a great deal.

This stretch of the coast is known to give shelter for a lot of sea trouts.

You can also catch ide and big perches.

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Lately we have seen some codfish, but they are rare around here.

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Moreover, you can take many walking-tours in our romantic beachforrest

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