Ture i Danske Skove
udarbejdet af
Dansk Skovforening

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Strand Camping.


Rød Tur

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The Yellow Walk.
(4 1/2 km - 1 1/4 hour)

From the car park at the 'Skovfogedstedet' restaurant, follow the road west past the old landing jetty. The jetty originates from the time when they discharged timber etc. Immediately to the right, is a beautiful meadow through which Vivede Mølle River flows, and you cross it at Lyster bridge. The name indicates that there was once a healthy eel fishery here. After you have walked for half a kilometre along the beach, you can see a large stone at the edge of the water. It is the so-called Mussestenen,(the Mouse stone) which originally lay about 15 m out in the water, but during the hard winter around the turn of the century, it was carried in to the beach by the ice packs. After this the walk continues along a beautiful path that winds among beeches and oaks which more of less hang out over the cliffs. Many places there are fallen trees that have been the victims of the sea, which regularly eats away bites of the forest.

After having walked a couple of kilometres you come to Røde Vejlinie, which was named after the red huts that served as housing for the extra workers who felled the oak trees for the navy in the beginning of the 1800's. Following Røde Vejlinie northwards, you pass through a very young forest, mostly fir trees, that were planted after the violent autumn storm in 1967.

skovb6.jpg (15709 bytes) At the first crossroad, follow Birkemosvej eastwards. A little north of the road stands a strange tree, it is an oak and a beech that have grown
into each other. The oak has gradually overpowered and strangled the beech. When you continue, looking to the south you can see examples that the forest does not only produce wood but also Christmas trees and decoration greenery.

At the next crossroads, where the road cuts Gammel Skovriddervej, you can turn right towards the beach.
On the way, you pass the 5-600-year old ' Hjorteeg ' (stag oak) which has antler-shaped branches. The 'Hjorteeg' has now fallen but has been allowed to remain for the pleasure of insects and birds. If you continue straight on at the crossroads instead, you will cross the Vivede Mølle River again and after this, follow the meadow along a road into the forest. The road returning to the car park leads you through a beautiful beech forest under which a new generation of beech trees has seeded itself and is growing up..


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The Blue Walk
(5 km - 1 1/2 hour)

The walk starts at the car park at Skovfogedstedet, but guests who are staying at the camping site can join the route by a path that leads to the beach. Follow the road east along the beach through a wonderful old part of the forest, which acts as protection for the plantations further inland. After crossing the bridge over the river Kilde, turn left and join the road along the beach once again. The cliff is proof that, from time to time, the sea is gnawing its way inland.

By a large Christmas tree plantation the road turns away from the beach. Further on, on the left, you can see how the spruce firs have difficulty surviving alone on the edge of the forest. When you continue towards the west you can see how the beautiful, gnarled deciduous trees protect the
spruce trees. You ought to take a detour to the beautiful umbrella-shaped 'weeping beech' and through the coniferous forest to an old group of oak and beech trees called Valhal, that was a festival site in the olden days.

As you continue west along the road between the forest and the field you arrive at a meadow. Here you go south and come to Hellig Svends spring, which has recently been bricked up and covered with a roof. Originally, there was a chapel, which still stood there after the reformation. You can continue to the camping site from here. The last part of the route goes through pine forest and a plantation with large beech trees. When you reach the public road you can either follow this to the car park or take a detour west through the forest.


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