Ture i Danske Skove
udarbejdet af
Dansk Skovforening

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Strand Camping.


Rød Tur

Gul Tur

Blå Tur



To the forest and beach guest.

We bid you welcome to a walk in this private forest. We ask you first
and foremost, to protect nature and show consideration so that others can also enjoy it. Regarding admission, the following rules apply:

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  • Admittance on foot is allowed both on the roads and paths and outside these.
  • By bicycle, however, you must keep to roads and paths.
  •  In consideration of game and other forest visitors, dogs must be kept on the lead.
  • In consideration of privacy, you may not stop closer than 50 m from inhabited buildings, but you may walk past.
  • Trees and bushes may not be damaged.
  • You are not allowed to collect branches and twigs of decoration evergreens that have been cut.
  • Because of fire risk, the use of open fire is not allowed.
  • Restrictions for entrance shown on the signs must be observed. The same applies if requested by the owner of the employees.
    Vemmetofte Kloster.